Jo & Judy unboxing

Lately I’ve been all about organising and balancing a busy work-life with my private life. After all it’s a required skill working in the Fashion and Beauty industry. I’ve always had a weakness for cute stationery items and agenda’s, so I instantly fell in love when I stumbled upon Jo & Judy’s website. Their mission is to help fashionistas lead an organised and stylish work life with their fancy stationery items. I was so delighted to find out that they ship to The Netherlands, so I placed an order immediately.

I was very impressed by the fast delivery and great customer service, and I think they did a marvellous job with the packaging and presentation. They put a lot of effort into the details and it really paid off altogether. From the fancy ‘thank you’ notecard to the rose gold logo stickers on the royal blue crêpe paper. The box itself is quite sturdy, it has a soft pink exterior with rose gold logo’s and text, and the inside of the box has a glossy marble finish. It literally felt like I was unboxing a package from a sophisticated luxury brand.

I ordered the A5 workbook and the A4 postcard set. Both the workbook and the postcards are soft pink imprinted with rose gold foil, and the workbook has a matte softcover finish.

The workbook is an ideal combination of a calendar and a notebook. I love the fact that it helps me keep my dates, ToDo’s, overtime hours, projects, important contacts and my monthly expenses all in one place. I can’t wait to start organising my upcoming events and projects.

How do you usually keep yourself organised? And do you have any useful tips on balancing work and private/social life?


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