My secret Ritual

Rituals has been one of my favourite home and body cosmetics brand for years, and I must say that I’m constantly pleasantly surprised by their new launches. This time they have an extravagant limited edition collection called “The Ritual of Light” that consists of both body and home products.

The collection is inspired by ancient light ceremonies around the world, hence the luxurious and sparkly packaging. The main two ingredients are sweet orange and cinnamon, which together give a relaxing and refined aroma.

My favourite part of the limited edition has to be the body products, due to the fact that Rituals has never failed me when it comes to great quality and soothing body cosmetics.

I love to build up the aroma in layers, by using different products of the same collection. I’ve noticed that by scrubbing, showering, then moisturising with the same fragrance, that it will last longer on the skin. My favourite product from the body range has to be the whipped body cream, it leaves my skin silky soft. I have a quite dry skin in the fall/winter season, but the light nature of the texture (whipped) makes it easy for the body cream to penetrate in layers of the skin, which leads to a deeply moisturised skin. Love it!

The home products are also a great addition to my Rituals collection. It comes in two variants: candles and fragrance sticks. Even though I like the idea of stylish fragrance sticks, my personal preference still goes to candles, due to the fact that I can decide for myself when I want an extra aroma in the living room or not.

Besides that, both the candle and the fragrance sticks are very good at what they do, leaving my entire living room smelling marvellous!

The one thing I’m the most excited about is the Ritual of Light “soul warming tea”, which also contains sweet orange and cinnamon. This tea is great for helping me relax at night before I go to sleep, due to the fact that it’s theine (caffeine) free.

I always like to relax and pamper myself for about half an hour before I go to sleep. I usually read a book or magazine while I drink calming tea and prep my skin with masks and oils. The Ritual of Lights collection makes my nighttime routine even more pleasant and relaxing.

Have you tried the Ritual of Light yet? And what is the one thing you can’t miss during your nighttime routine?


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